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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Believe Me

I couldn't just post a series of pictures today. It was time for Faith, and when I opened the folder, this slideshow just leapt out and HAD to be today's post.

Actually, I made it before I went Photobucket "Pro", so there could only be 10 pictures in it. The ones in the album are just so delicious, I wanted to edit the slideshow and add the rest, but Phucket wouldn't let me.


Diane said...

I'd like to say something witty and meaningful (for a change!) but I'm too busy licking the screen. Jeeze, our man is D' E L I C I O U S L Y D'E V I N E *slurp*

judith said...

i was going to say very nice indeed but diane has said all that needs to be said at the end of her comment. D'ELICIOUSLY D'EVINE !!!!!

silly for Vincent said...


jazzy said...

your slideshow causes more side effects than just screen-licking!

Eliza said...

10 pictures are plenty,thank you...anymore and I might forget myself LOL

SnarkAngel said...

From screen licking . . . to seat wetting . . . LOL. Hate Phucket! Love Val! Love Vincent!

Kimberly said...


Those curls of his are to die for! ::runs off to take a cold shower::

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