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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colchester Zoo

A month or two ago Colchester Zoo was featured in a TV programme every weeknight for half an hour. It made me curious to go and see the place for myself.

Colchester is in the county of Essex, on the east coast of England. It took nearly 2 hours to drive there (though strangely less than one-and-a-half to get back) and involved going on the dreaded M25 London Orbital Motorway (or giant car park, as it is more commonly known). On the way there we had to go through the Dartford Tunnel (hate tunnels) and on the way back we came across the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. It's very long and VERY high, so I have to close my eyes driving across it...


SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for sharing the zoo pics, Val! Now ... you'll have to teach me that driving trick you do ... driving with your eyes closed. I don't seem to have mastered that yet. LOL

jazzy said...

when it said: "magnificent white tiger"
i thought your vid is about vincent.

wild cats are so beautyful; it's sad that they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Eliza said...

Thank you for sharing another of your days out..I always enjoy looking at the pictures or watching the videos :-)

The lion was magnificent,but I can't help feeling a little sorry for the tigers,seems a shame not being pure-bred prevents her from breeding.

JoJo said...

Nuffink there for me to see....just an empty white page after your written text. :(

Val, you close your eyes while DRIVING over the Bridge???? lol

Goddessdster said...

We had a white tiger at the New Orleans zoo that was so beloved, when she passed away (at around 20 years old, mind you), the zoo was packed on the day of her memorial. Seeing yours made me a little nostalgic for home.

Thanks for sharing your lovely pics. you made it home? Perhaps it's that driving with your eyes closed that shortened your trip!

Tess said...

Looks like a wonderful place! There is no way in Hell you'd get me on a bridge...

Rosemary said...

Thanks Val, I really enjoy your days out(being an expat from England myself) as well as the D'evine one postings, all of you gals are amazing with your fun comments. Thanks so much ROSEY

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