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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time to make Amends

Anyone remember the trailer for this with Eames saying, "This isn't one of your puzzles, Bobby. This is my life"? I always wondered what happened to the second part of that when the episode aired - it wasn't in the finished episode.

A picture with everything - especially neck!

I just love Bobby's wide-eyed expression in this picture.

As for standing to attention in dress blues - well, I can certainly think of one part of him I'd love to see standing to attention.


jazzy said...

*grabs bounty and falls off chair*

SnarkAngel said...

Hey! Save some Bounty for me, Jazzy! LOL. Yes, I remember Eames' saying the full line in the promo! I was very disappointed when the actual episode aired and part of it was cut!

Eliza said...

I do love that last picture..he still fills a uniform perfectly :-D

sixtwosue said...

I was in NYC with a male platonic friend, who commented, "You have flirted with every single cop we have seen." I tried to explain the appeal of a man in uniform, especially NYPD ... should have used this episode as a reference point.

PurpleVixen7 said...


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