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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vincent and the Gang of Four

At last it happened! I had a dream about Vincent.

We were all there, Eliza, Diane, Ann and me. I can't tell you exactly what was going on, but it was sort of like the photos we have when Vincent's filming on location, except we just sat around and chatted with him. We were trying very hard to be "proper", and not jump on him or say all the things we would love to say, but that we knew would embarrass him. We were chatting for ages, very relaxed and happy.

In that way it was a very realistic dream. And in the same way it was totally unrealistic, as we would be little puddles on the floor if we really did find oursleves in this situation, or else we would jump on him and ravish him on the spot.

I loved every minute. Hope you other three were having the same dream.


Anonymous said...

See, in my dreams, I can actually have a conversation with him. In reality, I'm quite sure I'd be dribbling like a fool, unable to form words, let alone sentences ;0)

I'm glad I was 'there' (wherever we were!) anyway!

Lozzie Cap said...

When I dream about Vincent, I dream about being able to hear his voice, but not to see him.

Weird. Frustrating.

Tess said...

I haven't had a dream about Vincent in the longest time :(

fuzzytweetie said...

"Chatted", "proper", my ass...!!!

Music Wench said...

I never have dreams about any celebrities. *sigh*

ann said...

when a guy I don't fancy comes on to me I say "in your dreams" - seems the closest I'll ever get to Vincent is in YOUR dreams Val. Did we at least get to touch him at all; did he give us a peck on the cheek at all; was there anything tactile going on?
Did we enjoy ourselves? This could be an omen. You could be a prophetess and not know it yet... oh such endless possibilities

val said...

Just talking, Ann, sadly. But better than nothing, which is all the dreams of Vincent I'd had before.

SnarkAngel said...

I can't recall any details from my Vincent dreams. I know I've had a couple, but they are barely in my memory. Damned sleeping pills. LOL.

Eliza said...

Maybe it was a premonition?? It's a very nice idea anyway (especially as a tiny part of me always hopes we'll bump into him one day)

Sadly the last famous person I dreamt about was David Tennant.Nice enough I guess but not in the same league as Vincent

jazzy said...

i often dream about Elton; tight jeans, white shirt. but he hasn't asked me the 'do you like to...' question, yet. damn!

fuzzytweetie said...

*****sniff, sniff*****, only 4?

Drowsey Monkey said...

these are cool shots :) I'm glad you finally had your dream! I've had a couple of "kind of" dreams ... where he's there but kind of isn't, either way, there's sex so that's a good thing, LOL!

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