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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Not a favourite episode, but of course it does highlight Bobby's cleverness, always a good thing.

The arms are bulging in those jacket sleeves.

I love how Bobby makes people feel uncomfortable on purpose.

Thumbs up to those lids and lashes.

Those lips were made for kissing.

He looks so earnest.

Whoever decided to have that button undone and show of that neck
knew what they were doing.

Those shoulders just do something to me.

I want those hands to do something to me...

Such concern. Almost worth being in a persistant vegetative state for.

How about a caption for this one?


Laura said...

He's handsome,clever, intelligent, beautiful ,fantastic............Yes, He's a very very SPECIAL detective!!!


Drowsey Monkey said...

I'd love for him to make me uncomfortable, on purpose, LOL. He's very sexy in this episode.

As for a caption ... hmm, you do those so well. How about ... "Hmm, if only everyone was as smart as me they'd figure this out sooner." haha

SnarkAngel said...

My caption: "Yes, Mr. Carver, your clothes ARE fitting too tight. I'm the ONLY one around here who looks that good wearing clothes that tight. It just doesn't work for you."

fuzzytweetie said...

"I can, too."
"No, you can't."
"Yes, I CAN."
"Detective, face it, you can't whistle after sucking on a lemon."
"I can, too (stomping foot). Let me try one more time."
"No, you had your chance. Now, pay me the ten bucks we bet."

Anonymous said...

All I can think for the last one is 'You just stepped on my foot there Mr Carver'.....

PurpleVixen7 said...

That det. like det. is better than him..or sexyest..yumm..yummm..SLURPPPP..SLURPPP!!!;)))

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