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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Think Good Thoughts

But no prayers, please.

Henry in healthier times

My lovely African grey parrot, Henry, is very poorly. He has a chest infection, and has disquised his illness and weight loss, till last night he just stayed on the floor of his cage. His head was turned to the left, and he had trouble gripping and balancing.

I got an emergency appointment for him this morning at the bird vet's, who was quite concerned. He's had an injection with lots of goodies in it. He's just woken from a sleep and is munching on some seed, but I must persuade him to drink, preferably the honey water I've prepared.

He has to go back on Monday morning, but the vet is at an even more distant surgery - bird vets are few and far between, and get spread thinly - so I've had to cancel a blood test for rheumatism for myself, otherwise I'd miss the annual Vixen convention in London with Eliza, Diane and Ann.


judith said...

hope everything turns out OK. hugs.x

Laura said...

Oh, poor parrot!!
I have a parrot too, named Valentino like Vincent in 'VOG' ,and I think being able to understand your situation. DON'T WORRY!!!!!!!! , I am sure he 'll be better than before. While recovering, you should show him films of Vincent! ... on my parrot Valentine and my cats Vincent has a truly beneficial!!!!!!! hugs <3<3<3

Drowsey Monkey said...

He's a beauty. I have 3 budgies ... and they get into your heart that's for sure. Sending positive birdy vibes from all of us :)

Tess said...

He's lovely. I'm keeping good thoughts for him and you!

SnarkAngel said...

Sending many, many, MANY good thoughts (of VDO quality, I might add) to you and Henry!!! XOXOXO

Kimberly said...

Good thoughts & positive energy coming your way!

fuzzytweetie said...

What a beautiful boy!! Good thoughts for Henry.

Have fun with your fellow vixens! Oh, how I wish I could meet some of you in person!(Well, maybe not ALL of you!)LOL

Eliza said...

I have a lot of positive energy left from yesterday so I'll send it all towards you and Henry :-)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Henry!

JoJo said...

poor Henry. He's such a sweet bird w/ so much personality! Hope all goes well tomorrow Val. Will think good thoughts. :)


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