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Monday, August 17, 2009

Gods are immortal

Our Vincent is one such.

Goddesses are also immortal, and we all know Eliza is Goddess of D'Onofriodom

Happy Birthday Eliza.

I'm happy to be your birthday chauffeur, Eliza.

Welcome to my home.

Now let's get down to business!


Eliza said...

Thank You!! I'm going to be a very busy girl for a while now...bliss :-D

Thank you for the smilebox too...loved your choice of pics

fuzzytweetie said...


Tess said...

And Chest Hair!!

Happy Birthday Eliza :)

SnarkAngel said...

Happy Birthday, Eliza! Just the present we ALL needed!

jazzy said...

Sooo many ideas of what I could do with his nipples *sigh*

Have a wonderful Birthday, Eliza!

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the nipples and chest hair party, but Happy Birthday Eliza for yesterday :0)

mauigirl said...

I'm even later to the party. Eliza, I hope you had a really wonderful birthday!

JoJo said...

I really need to rewatch this movie. Could he be hotter?

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