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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cold Comfort

Oh, if only there were an Alzheimer's cure. I could actually forgive Spencer Durning if he hadn't had the Senator's daughter killed.

We all sniff when our noses get cold, but only Vincent makes it part of the (method) act.

I thought Basric might like this one.

I think he did this on purpose to drive us crazy.

A rare sideways butt view.

Oh the innocent look. Oh the shoulders.

Oh the neck.

Oh the lips.

I wish I'd had to brush past him like the actor who produced this reaction.

Oh the hands.

Oh dear. I give up my limits. Let's just keep it to under 10 pictures.


SnarkAngel said...

I see you've come to your senses regarding the rule of three! LMAO! It was a noble attempt, my dear, but clearly, VDO is a subject that is hard to "confine." In more ways than one! Personally, I'd suggest limiting the caps to 13, since that seems to be the magic number where VDO is concerned. But I don't want you to spend half your life on the computer either. And 10 is a nice round number. Gzeeeeesh! The way that man straddles a chair! It's downright pornographic!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with 3x3 (+1) pictures dear Val!

ann said...

oh the thigh - thank you

fuzzytweetie said...

Anyone want to bet on how long the "10" rule will last? LOL

That straddle, the lips, the hip, the back......oh HELL, THE MAN himself is vornographic!!!

Laura said...

And I would add...Oh the arms, Oh the legs, Oh the chest, Oh the whole man!!!
hugs <3

Drowsey Monkey said...

I've decided I watch re-runs too much because I can tell which is the 2002 Bobby, 2003 Bobby, etc. LOL

He's hot here.

jazzy said...

Don't know whether he did the knee porn on purpose, but he definitely drives me crazy by that.

Eliza said...

Keeping them down to 10 is still going to be hard, but I like it more than the drought when you tried sticking to 3 :-)

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