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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lion and Albert

What with all this talk about lions (and I'm off to show the cubs to my friend tomorrow) I was put in mind of one of my favourite monologues of all time. I was also reminded of it when a recent TV programme featured Blackpool Zoo and it's young male lion called Wallace.

For those who are not familiar with the narrator, Stanley Holloway was a lovely actor and song-and-dance man who recorded a great many monologues. He was Alfred Dolittle in My Fair Lady, and in my opinion was the best thing in it. Just watch "I'm Getting Married in the Morning".


jazzy said...

It always amazes me that British English sounds soooo different from American English.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this takes me back to 'Children's Favourites' on the radio when I was a kid :0)

judith said...

oh! val. i have'nt heard that in ages. thanks so much for sharing.x

Eliza said...

I don't remember it from 'Children's Favouries', but I do remember it from Sunday lunchtime radio when I listened with my grandad...this was one of his favourites, along with 'Murphy and the bricks' and something about a fly in a grocers(?)

Thank you for bringing back a happy to youtube now to see if I can find the others :-D

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