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Monday, October 19, 2009

If I ever see you again... will die!

I try to be a considerate driver. While driving on the A2 (that's a dual carriageway with 50 mph speed limit) there was a digger ahead going very slowly. I pulled out to pass, and being a polite soul, I let the two cars stuck behind him go in front of me. Then I passed him and went to pull back in, as the other two cars had done.

BAM! A motorbike rider had decided this was the ideal moment to overtake me on the inside. There was no way to stop and inspect the damage, though I could see that my nearside wing mirror was flattened back. The biker, of course, looked back a couple of times, but decided to just carry on.

I left the A2 at the next junction (two before I intended) and pulled into a side road to inspect the damage. Luckily the car wasn't dented or scratched. The wing mirror housing went back into position easily - but the glass was gone! I was now less than a mile from the dealership where I bought the car, so I took it along there and bought a new mirror, which the salesman fitted for me.

Just under £15 for someone else's mistake. Not the Christmas present I was looking to buy.


ann said...

i did the north circular today and yesterday - today was busy but fine - yesterday all the sunday drivers came out - horrendous - but even more so as i hit hendon and golders green where the drivers learn to drive and triple park with the CSM - chassidic school of motoring - oy vay!

Anonymous said...

My friend had the entire side of her car totalled while she was parked on the street. Needless to say whatever did it - a large truck we think - didn't feel any need to stop, even tho' there was no WAY they couldn't have known they'd hit her.

SnarkAngel said...

My car is little more than a year old, and already has so many scratches and dents, you'd swear it was 5 years old. And all this, just from parking on Chicago streets!

JoJo said...

Do NOT get me started on motorcyclists. Who do you think started that whole incident for which Brian ended up getting arrested this summer? A dick on a bike. You should see them in California. In a traffic jam, they will "split lanes"; meaning they ride in the narrow space between the stopped cars on the highway. I've always been so tempted to open my car door and watch them smash into it.

I'm glad that your car didn't sustain any more damage.

jazzy said...

I'm just glad that nothing happened to you, Val!!!

Tess said...

I'm sorry Val...

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