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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Henry Parrot Memorial Bookcase

I used to have a parrot stand in the living room which was supposed to be a place where Henry and Louis could meet and make friends on neutral territory. It never worked like that, and they had a mutual hatred till poor darling Henry died in August. As Louis doesn't use the stand, I've dismantled it and stashed it in the garden shed. All my Vincent DVDs are in boxes stacked on the floor in that space, instead of in the middle of the room like they used to be. But they are not as accessible as I would like.

I've left all the cages where they were. Henry's cage was the largest, Louis has a two room apartment made up from two cages pushed together. I thought I'd let him decide where he wanted to live, then take away the spare. Of course, being awkward, he likes Henry's cage during the day and his own at night.

So the only extra space is where the stand was. Today I went hunting for a bookcase to display my Vincent bits. With parrot feather dust in the air, glass doors would have been a bonus, but one at too high a price, even if the gorgeous Mexican display cupboard I saw would have fitted the space.

Here's something like what I chose:

It should accommodate all my Vincent stuff, and a few of my book overspill volumes. But every time I look at it, I will think of dear, sweet Henry, and how I would willingly live out of boxes if I could just have him back.


SnarkAngel said...

You might be able to get some glass cut specifically sized as doors for the unit that could be attached. It would probably be cheaper than buying a unit with glass doors. Not sure. At any rate, good luck with your purchase. And I know how you must feel about Henry. XOXO

JoJo said...

Aw Val, again, I'm so sorry about Henry. :`(

Seems somewhat inappropriate for me to make a joke about "displaying Vincent's bits", so I'll just leave that to the imagination....

mauigirl said...

Oh Val, you are so good to your pets!

Vincent Bits!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell on the floor when i read that. I was thinking to myself "How the FUCK did Val get hold of Vincent's bits!"

Eliza said...

Seems like a very nice way to remember Henry

Photo's when you have it as you like it? Please...

Oh, and those electo-static duster things work wonders with minimum effort where V's bits are concerned :-D

Anonymous said...

Just what I'm looking for...and that includes a display of Vincent's 'bits' ;0)

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