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Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Exit

No, not another post saying what a pathetically poor send-off they gave Bobby and Alex.


I've touched tiger fur. Now I need to touch Vincent's hands.
They just look so soft.

"Hey, Long John Silver, what's with the eye patch?"

"Is the one-eyed weirdo still behind me?"

Bobby's ADHD kicks in as Alex concentrates on the computer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the tallest of them all?

In an effort to stay awake, Bobby slaps his own face.

Deakins closes his good eye to look at the new evidence.

"So he said I'm a head case. ME!"

The tie points the way.

No, Bobby, the model boat is in another episode.

Bobby is a little tipsy, and gets the giggles.

He ends up singing without the karaoke backing track.

He tries to act serious when Carver, looking even tinier than usual, comes into the room.


bobbybegood1 said...

Now, was that a nice thing to say about our Capt. Deakins? LOL!! God, now that Bobby's gone, I enjoy your posts even more, and he looks BETTER. Great post Val. Cheers!!

ann said...

looks like he was singing
"I will survive" LOL

Music Wench said...

lol So he's a pirate captain now! All he needs is a bird on his shoulder. :-D

Thanks for making me laugh. It's so much better than watching or thinking of that awful finale episode.

potzina said...

Val, you crack me up! Perfect caps and captions! lol ;o)

Tess said...

This was a strange episode, but Bobby is Bobby so..

Anonymous said...

watched this ep. last night with Bobby on my lap(top).

Eliza said...

You need to touch Bobby's hands, or you need Bobby's hands to touch you..there is a difference I think, and I know which I'd go for :-D

val said...

Why not go for both, Eliza?

SnarkAngel said...

Poor tiny Carver. LOL

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