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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In the last couple of days, I have started to receive rogue adverts which open up a new page on my browser uninvited, taking precedence over what I'm in the middle of doing. It seems to coincide with my installing a statcounter on my blog. Or maybe that's just a fluke.

I wonder why my security doesn't block them. And I wonder if there's a solution to the problem. Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

When I installed the new version of the dread Norton - which has now been exorcised - I got a message saying advertisements would no longer be blocked. McAfee seems to see most of them off anyway, but I agree, they are deeply annoying.

SnarkAngel said...

I think my new laptop came with a pop-up blocker already installed with Internet Explorer. It seems to work. I think my pop-up blocker on my last computer was bundled with my Norton software. Can't really remember. Okay, I am officially NO HELP! LOL

jazzy said...

the same happened to me when i downloaded files of purgatory - ouch!
no idea how to turn it off yet :(

Anonymous said...

I have Firefox. I just went to preferences, and used "block pop up windows." It also lets me know when Firefox has blocked a window, so if I want to see it I can. Once in a while a few get past, though.

Eliza said...

megaupload sometimes send pop-ups along with the download,but only for their other sites..and party poker..

I have firefox with all the security boxes ticked,as well as Norton.We did get a rash of them for a while after one of the kids visited a suspect site,but I just upped the security levels for a while

Claire said...

Have your security system scan for uninvited 'guests'. It will isolate and then delete them. I run a diagnostic every couple of weeks and usually catch a few here and there.
Too bad we can't program the tv to delete annoying commercials!

JoJo said...

I wish I could get the annoying popups to stop every time I go to a news website.

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