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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crazy LOCI Doctors

Well, Bobby in episodes with crazy doctors. The doctors themselves barely figure at all for some reason...


SnarkAngel said...

I just want my prescription filled ... by "Doctor Bobby."

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I think he's far more gorgeous right now...not that he was ever less than lovely.

Val, I'm guessing Pictureshark has ceased to function too, or did you make these pre-watermarking days? I just spent another half hour trying to persuade it to gimme back our watermark. It finally has - after a fashion!

BASRIC said...

I agree with Diane, he's aged like fine wine. Delicious.

jazzy said...

wow, it's hot here! bring me some iced water please.

thanks for these great caps, val :)

JoJo said...

Yeah this is classic Bobby for sure. Right up in the guy's face, and eating his dinner. I would kill for eyelashes that long!

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