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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today It's Tomorrow

"Come on, Val, don't make me beg."

"OK, then, PLEASE can I have sex with you?"

"That feels better."

"I can't stop thinking about it."

"The most fun you can have without laughing?
And then you feel so relaxed you can laugh and smile anyway."

"Let me feed you, Val. It's very erotic."

"I bought you these rare yellow pearls, but I got so excited the string broke."

"Do you like my cute smile, muscular neck and big barrel chest?"

"What do you mean, I have that 'Just Fucked' look?"

"You can't watch, Captain, my technique's not for sharing."

"Do my shoulders look big in this?"

"Even the SHADOW of my eyelashes is sexy."

"I'm usually facing a woman when she's yelling in ecstacy,"


judith said...

oh! val. really funny, i needed cheering up my tumble-dryer just packed up so we hot-footed it to comet and bought another so your blog was a i can go and watch ci. on hallmark. thanks for making me smile!!!

JoJo said...

Val, you are a MASTER of funny captions on Vincent pictures!! Except you need to replace the name "Val" with "JoJo". Then it'd be perfect. ;P

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol...omg too funny. I love that brown jacket ... suits him.

SnarkAngel said...

Hilarious captions on the screen caps, Val! And of course, it is certain you will scream in ecstacy (SEXTACY) while he's BEHIND you OR in front of you. Hee. Wow! He looks like he's giving it to her good! LOL!

Music Wench said...

He can be behind me as I scream out in ecstasy too. I'll take him anyway he wants. LOL

Anonymous said...

Val, sometimes I need a cigerette after reading your blog. Although you need to caption "Depth" he has that "I just got laid and I was good" swagger through the whole thing.

jazzy said...

in front or behind of me, i would not care as long as he was INside of me

fuzzytweetie said...

what a HOOT!! Love the fingers and yellow "pearls"!

Axe said...

HAHAHA...Val you made my morning, hon!

Tess said...

Beautiful pictures, Brilliant captions...Thanks Val!

silly for Vincent said...

Ha,ha,ha..*vipes drool*..this was awsome Val!!
Vicnet can grab me any where,and squeeze me as much as he want...O YEA...I DON'T CARE even if he breaks any bone in my body!!

Anonymous said...

Well that's cheered me up! I'm especially fond of his 'Just fucked' look as you so aptly called called it. I hope you can fix your 'yellow pearls' by the way ;0)

BASRIC said...

Very funny. Great shots as usual

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