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Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of Con-Text

I need to see these shoulders in real life, to check out how broad they really are.

The most kissable lips in the world.

I love it when he does that thing with his jaw.

Double helpings (twice).

Look at those eyes!


The sexiest of all the "Goren Dips".

If that was me this close to him, he would have been kissed by now.

Wide-eyed and wonderful.

And in case you thought I'd forgotten - a special bonus:


jazzy said...

delicious slideshow! back, groin, butt and the forearms of lust 'served' on a desk!
i am getting hungry now.

SnarkAngel said...

I keep glancing over at the relatively "clear" side of my el-shaped desk ... wondering if it is as sturdy as it looks ... as sturdy as VINCENT looks ... sturdy enough to hold my weight ... and Vincent's ... while he's on top of me ... DAMN THIS OFFICE! Why don't we have (cold) showers readily available for all employees?!?!?

BASRIC said...

Great pictures. Front & back of Bobby at the same time..I need to sit down. And Bobby in shirt sleeves.

Sigh, I'mlying down now.

silly for Vincent said...

Those broaddd shoulders...EEEEHHH,and his pretty deep chocolate "sad puppy" eyes...MMMMMMM!!!
Well...O YEA Vincent is one BIG flexibile teddy bear!!!WOOF,WOOF...THAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is, completely, purrrrrrrfect

Drowsey Monkey said...

That's the bobby I miss :)

He needs to roll those sleeves up more and get active again.

Love when he does that with his jaw too...and great dip photo!

Eliza said...

I guess thats what you call saving the best til last...I LOVE that scene and could happily watch it on a loop :-D

Goddessdster said...

I love the slideshow at the end because I'm thinking, "Good, now when I watch this scene I can think of Bobby's butt instead of when he touches that guy's eyeball," but THEN YOU INCLUDED IT!!!! Eyeball touching! Now I need to go back and look at more pictures.

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