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Monday, March 01, 2010


I don't often check how many views my movies on YouTube have had, but when I watched Eliza's "Kiss" video (the one that the silly Vixen didn't think was very good!) I went to have a look at the one I did.

And that's how many views it's had.

That many people who've seen that it was by "Va" 'cos I couldn't get the name to show properly.


fuzzytweetie said...

I've got to be around 100 of 'em!

I love this vid.

Con grats and BRAVO!!!!, my dear.

Eliza said...

I'm not surprised it's had so many's very very watchable :-)

I don't know about you, but I'm always surprised that anyone other than me looks at my videos anyway..that they do, and let me know if they like them, is a very welcome bonus

JoJo said...

OK I've sat here for 5 minutes trying to think of something to say about the video but as always, it's rendered me speechless.....

SnarkAngel said...

Fabulous! One day soon we'll be celebrating 50,000 views!

SnarkAngel said...

I just realized that this is the song that plays at the beginning of another Vincent film ... "Adventures in Babysitting," but performed by a different group with female vocals.

potzina said...

I love this one! I've watched it several time...It's always a pleasure! :o)

Anonymous said...

That's incredible, Val, good job!

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