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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The real meaning of Consumed...

...I want to eat him up!

An Italian lady commenting under the name of Morgana on my recent post "Such a face" has asked if anyone can help her find copies of Household Saints and The Winner in a format she can play. She first attracted my attention with a comment about Pelham on my YouTube account, and I have since mailed her a copy of that. I'm just a bit worried that the post was too long ago for people to read her request and answer it, so feel free to make your suggestions here, and I will pass them on.


SnarkAngel said...

I am "consumed" by his very existance.

Eliza said...

The Winner should be available as a Region 2 dvd from somewhere like Amazon,Household Saints is slightly trickier.Or,you could pass her my e-mail and I'll see what I can do..I know I have a spare copy of Household Saints already...pretty sure I have The Winner too :-)

Funnily enough,I was thinking about this episode last adorable he looks when he realised what was in the bottle

Anonymous said...

Eliza beat me to it. I got 'The Winner' on DVD from good ol' Amazon shortly after I'd bought a brand new VHS version. 'Household Saints' I had on ropey video from the States, but Eliza 'rescued' me with a DVD copy. I gave away my 'Household Saints' video, but still have 'The Winner' on video (only watched a couple of times, by me)if Morgana would like it?

Ah, consumed; wouldn't we all like to be - and by him (and vice versa of course!)

JoJo said...

I got both of mine from, late last year or early this year.

BASRIC said...

I got mine when the first released. So I'm no help except to try Amazon sometimes Netflix has some o them discounted for sale.

However I too am consumed by the man, having spent my afternoon capping Claire Dolan. Lovely Vincent pixs but lousy ending.

silly for Vincent said...

I said it before:I want ot eat him alive,he is so yummmy..or to say:I want simly to consume him whole...mmmmmmm...!!!Vincent is sooo welcomed to consume me,too!!;)))

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