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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Good Detective vs The Bad Doctor

Handsomely perfect and perfectly handsome.

Bobby encounters the annoying shrink.

"That's very nice." You want naked, Bobby, you don't have to make do with a painting.

You could use those hands much more productively over here, Bobby.

The doctor consents to an examination of his apartment. Another Goren triumph.

Only Bobby could concentrate so hard on footage of DRAINS!

Ooh, yes, using his size again!

Clever Bobby gets the doctor on the stand.

Can I warm up your red nose, please? And anything else that needs warming up...


silly for Vincent said...

Bobbywhy don't you bring those huge and loevly hands over here,I will show you another use for them!!!;)))Cold cuite??..I'm very warm,just come here,and let me show how warm I'm!!;)))

Anonymous said...

I REALLY need to revisit the early episodes.....

Kimberly said...

Another great classic epi...and I will gladly help wamr him as well. ;0)

He is such a smarty in this one...gets the devious, evil doctor right where he wanted him...loved it!

The picture captioned "using his size:...THUD!!!

SnarkAngel said...

His "size" is part of his undeniable charm. Hee-hee.

JoJo said...

And, Snarkangel, as we all know, size DOES matter! lol

Drowsey Monkey said...

He does have a cute little nose, for such a big man.

But Val, I'll warm it up. You just stay there adding photos to the blog. ;)

BASRIC said...

My God he's gorgeous in this episode. I love his inger across his lips

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