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Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Enemy Within

I can get on Photobucket today, so I thought I'd add a few bonus pictures from this episode, in the size (!) to which we have become accustomed.

If you click on one and go to the album, you will see what a total mess the computer made of the order. I have no idea how it can have done that, just because I renamed the pictures.

The understandably amorous phone glues itself to Bobby's ear.

How can stupid Irene resist?

Look at the little duck's tail!

Those eyes melt me. As for the curls...

The chair is me, and Bobby's hands are where mine want to be :)

I wouldn't mind being that pill bottle either.

I love the expression, the stance - and the little hint of a tum to come.

Wag that finger at me and I'll - suck it!

Nearly there, perp. The look says it all.

Three families. That's how many Bobby said Zaner brought down. I can only make it two.
Any suggestions?


SnarkAngel said...

They are ALL fabulous caps, of course, but I think my fave is "tum to come." LOL! And dare I say it ... I wanna cum on that tum ...

Anonymous said...

I'd like to echo the last bit of Snarkangels comment ;0)

I REALLY need to revist season 1, that's if I'm not laying in a darkened room writhing in agony between the end of S7 and the start of S8. Pleeeeeeeze let them be merciful in how they leave Bobby - and us - this time....

judith said...

there was a cleaner in the building who died so bobby must mean her familly.

BASRIC said...

All I need is a little whip cream to gobble him up.

Anonymous said...

the housekeeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jazzy said...

forget the whip cream, i will take him neat.

silly for Vincent said...

Jazzy I will take Bobby strait up,and raw,too!!;)

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