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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Player

Just to let the UK Vixens know - if they haven't already spotted it - that The Player is on Film4 on Tuesday 5th August at 11.10pm.

They give it a five-star rating in the Radio TImes preview, but don't mention Vincent once (or Greta for that matter).


JoJo said...

I bailed on that movie after Vincent's all too brief scenes.

Lozzie Cap said...

I like Tim Robbins, he's ok. But I have a problem watching anything with Greta in it - she just grates on me. Grating Greta. Er, sorry - I don't mean any offence. She just irritates me :( :(

If anyone fancies doing a slide show of caps with Vincent's bits (!!!) in it - if you'll pardon the expression - I'd be delighted to view it.

Tess said...

I've never been able to get into this film. And I Still Hate Tim Robbins for what he did to Vincent :(

Eliza said...

I don't think I'll be sitting up for it....I viewed it once and that was enough.I did see it again when I capped it,but I fast forwarded to Vincents scenes and stopped as soon as he did

Anonymous said...

I still have it, I only watched it the once though...I know I'm in a minority but, apart from the (appalling) thing that happened to our Vincent (again!), I liked it's snide take on Hollyweird...except Tim Robbins didn't die horribly during it, which I was feverently hoping he would!

jazzy said...

i do like tim robbins for his political statements.
and i looooooveeeee vince!

Claire said...

I've never seen this and from the comments it doesn't seem as if it was well liked.

SnarkAngel said...

I actually like the film. Yes, Vincent's part is supporting, but it is integral to the storyline. And Robert Altman directed, so the very fact that Vincent got to be in a Robert Altman film is another feather in his career cap. And yes, I'm one of the few here who does enjoy Greta in film. LOL.

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