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Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's that bloody woman again!

I'm sure you will all have received the latest Google Alert which contains a link to yet another whinge from Grotty Greta.

I thought she'd got over it - last week in The Observer she did a whole interview without even mentioning him. I was wrong.

This TimesOnline article mentions the break-up when Leila was 6 months old, but says there was a custody battle when Vincent "walked away". It also miraculourly has her period out-of-work as only 18 months, not the 4 years she has previously claimed.

I can't make a slideshow to illustrate how Vincent must feel at this constant sniping, but this one from The War At Home has some pictures which might indicate a smidgen of irritation, and some more of emotional exhaustion.


samuela said...
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Drowsey Monkey said...

I've read a few interviews of hers, and as a woman I gotta say ... I'd be pretty ticked if a guy left me w/a six month old, whatever the circumstances. I did get the impression she's happy now tho, but I didn't read the interview you did.

I don't think he has the best track record w/women, but he probably has a lot of choices, unlike most men. :)

SnarkAngel said...

My only problem with her repeated references are that it's just old news and happened years ago, so I don't completely understand why she just hasn't let go of it ... although she may have her reasons. From where I sit, the only thing it would seemingly do is provide their daughter with another reminder of the bitterness between them, which can't be good for her.

Music Wench said...

My problem with her is that she keeps making it sound like he abandoned his child as well and that's just not true. He's involved with his daughter and seems to spend as much time as possible with a child living in another country and all.

And I'm sorry she gave up her career for her child and is apparently upset about it but many women willingly give up their careers for their children and don't make it sound like some kind punishment. Talk about making your child feel horrible.

I just wish she would stop talking about it period.

Tess said...

Y'know....No matter what's been said or done, I have a feeling when Leila graduates from Brighton in 2010 there will be a picture. Vincent on one side, Greta on the other...Leila in the middle.

JoJo said...

I know he was the love of her life and all, but man, let it go already! I'm sorry that she was hurt; I sure would have been too. But her current husband must feel like crap having to listen to her rehash the pain Vincent caused her.

Anonymous said...

At least Vincent has the good grace to keep his thoughts on the matter to himself!

silly for Vincent said...

Vincent is too above that,to do something like that!!!
Vincent can rest how much he wants,next to me;I will be a good nurse!!!I will make him feel sooo much better,he wouldn't want to leave!!!;);))(my mom was a nurse,so I picked up some thing from her)

Eliza said...

I saw this yesterday and almost sent you an e-mail warning you to stay away LOL

I don't understand why she rehashes it all the time,but I also wonder just how much control she has over what gets printed.Remember the australian article from a few months ago that was just lots of quotes taken from old interviews that Vincent had done?

If they can sit,holding hands,at their daughters school play there can't be that much bad feeling left...surely??

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