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Friday, March 12, 2010


There's a lot to be thankful to furniture for in this episode. And to pockets.

Believe me, Bobby, you score a LOT more than 5!

Bobby, are you flirting with a suspect?

Up to bed, anyone?

Oof! Don't be cross with me.
Or if you are, spank me now!

Yes, I'll get down and get ready for my punishment.

That button can barely manage the strain of being stretched across that chest.

Don't mess with Bobby!

Oh look, the button burst. So did my brain.

What can I say?


JoJo said...

Yum. Lovely caps Val. It's brightening my otherwise frenetic Friday at work!

fuzzytweetie said...

The tonsil tickler strikes again!

I don't care that it's 42 and raining, now.

Eliza said...

Love the bottom picture, but I think my favourite is the one where he's leaning against the idea why, obviously :-p

Anonymous said...

Happiness is...looking at Vincent :0)

SnarkAngel said...

Cap Number 12: "Soooo ... YOU are THEE 'SnarkAngel,' ... it's such a pleasure to meet you!" LOL. I also love the one where he's holding the notepad: "This is a detailed list of all the things SnarkAngel wants to do to me! So vile! So disgusting! So, why can't I put it down?!"

potzina said...

My favourite picture is the one where we can see his delightful tongue...I've many lust fantaisies with this tongue. Mmmm!!

jazzy said...

This epi is all about Bobby-Testosterone yummmmmy.....!

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