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Sunday, March 07, 2010


How gorgeous is Bobby in this?

Sadly, though I capped it through to the end, I have been unable to upload all the pictures in this folder, and none at all in Posthumous Collection. Add to that a very slow computer - or connection - and I have had a very frustrating couple of days. Especially as I bought and downloaded The New Tenants, which then froze halfway through, then could not be called up again. In fact, iTunes seems to have totally bollocksed up my internet connection, which took three goes even to get going this morning.

As I've just looked over the pictures to caption them, I've realised that only a few of those I selected have appeared.

Rub your stubble all over me, Bobby baby.

Bobby finds he cannot read a thing now he's lost his contacts.

No, let me scratch your itch.

Bobby's cheeks dimple as he smiles politely at Nelda's weak jokes.

Bobby mimes what he'd like to do with Nelda's breasts.

Bobby sneaks a look through Nelda's window as she takes a shower.


Anonymous said...

He even makes 'exhausted' look HOT!

Sympathies over the technology gremlins. The least iTunes should do is let you try again.

potzina said...

OMG! What a good way to end the day! I couldn't sleep after that! He's so hot, i love his grey shirt...Grrr! XDXDXD

I'm sorry for you, you must be very frustrated and angry! :o(

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, Diane, and I'd like to "exhaust him" some more! Maybe then he'd look even hotter, if that is possible. LOL. So sorry for your techno trouble, Val. Hope everything gets resolved soon!

JoJo said...

The last shot of him at the very, very end of the episode makes me swoon every time.

Laura said...

Take Nelda out of the episode and I'd probably like it even more, but she gives me the creeps...

I love the close-ups though, so that makes up for it :-D

jazzy said...

Rub your stubble all over me, Bobby baby. Hahaaa great caption!

I hate iTunes. All my sympathies to you.

Tess said...

He is Beyond Gorgeous in this...

Anonymous said...

From what I understand the beginning of this episode was shot, there was a pause in time because Vincent was not feeling well, then resumed. Explains how tired he looks by the end. That comes via someone who knows his former stand-in.

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