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Monday, March 08, 2010

Posthumous Collection

So how exactly do these nutters who kill lookalikes think that means they are getting their own back on the person who caused them pain? Duh!

Only four Vixens at a time? I can manage more than that.

Det. Goren is upset to see that his lunch has burnt.

You can actually see in his brow, when watching this scene,

the moment when it dawns on Goren that the women in the pictures are dead.
Brilliant acting.

Somebody doesn't like having his personal space invaded.

Goren tries to measure his shoulders against the square wall blocks.

Goren tries to make out the naughty details in the photographic negative.

Wonder why Maisie's smiling?

She's trying not to look...

"Up!" Yes please, Bobby.

This pictures "cracks" me up - and Bobby, too.

Bobby can give me the finger any time.

Naughty Bobby gets sent to sit in the corner.

He knows how to get in a suspect's face.

But if that were me, I'd have to kiss him.

One of the best scenes in all LOCI:


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite episodes - he's hotter than a hot thing that's VERY hot :0)

Eliza said...

What Di said!

I love the way he flirts with Alex at the artists stall...she's a great actress because I would have blushed bright red before jumping on him :-D

JoJo said...

Love that scene w/ Alex!!! And I love the clothes he's wearing too.

Music Wench said...

I love this season!!! This was really a favorite. Wanted to throw Alex out of the chair so I could be the one he's flirting with. ;-)

SnarkAngel said...

Great episode all around, but that scene with Alex is a LOCI classic! And I LOVED the "crack" cap, Val! Perfection!

potzina said...

Love this episode and love this scene! "Flirting with Alex" What a good idea! XD
Perfect caps and funny captions, Val!

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