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Saturday, November 13, 2010


He has a quiet, soft-grained voice. He's modest and self-effacing. He doesn't have an inflated view of his own importance. "I'm just an actor," he says. Who, watching this video, could think he was anything more than just an ordinary guy?

(With thanks to StudioFive and all those responsible for this little gem.)

Yes, Vincent D'Onofrio is ordinary, as demonstrated in these pictures:

As we see here, he is "just an actor":

Anything here to make us think he is talented or hot?



SnarkAngel said...

"Ordinary" is NEVER a word I would use to describe our guy! NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!!

Anonymous said...

He Captures me,my hungry eyes devour,he stirs my soul, creates in me a want,and illuminates the shadows of my heart.
Why? Because he is no ordinary man.

JoJo said...

Last picture is delicious.

Frances said...

What a sweetie, just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

EXTRAordinary maybe, but ordinary? Not in this galaxy, although part of his (immense!) charm is the fact he just wants to live his life and be 'normal' when he's in a business full of divas and fruitcakes

potzina said...

Your choice of pix is fantastic. Bev said what I think (but in a more poetic way!)

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