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Monday, November 08, 2010

Dog Lovers Beware

I bought one of these toys (or something very similar) from the local Sainsbury's supermarket for my student's rescue dog. It gives an amusing Oink, and needs a good bit of pressure to produce the sound.

Within an hour, it lay in easily swallowable pieces, its innards of nylon fibre stuffing lying about waiting to choke the little fellow.

I cannot recommend too sincerely that you avoid this toy unless you know beforehand that it really is as durable and safe as the supplier swears.


Anonymous said...

I can't buy my dog any toy with stuffing or a squeaker in it. She tears it to shreds. No matter how "durable" the manufacturers say it is.

Anonymous said...

My dogs main goal is to get to that squeaker...minutes after they get it, that's it. I got tired of picking up all of the pieces and stuffing, so now they get something more durable.

Ruby said...

Our sweet dog Rip never had time to "rip" up his toys. His favorite thing was to run outside with them and bury them! It's a wonder we don't have a "toy garden" out in our backyard!!

JoJo said...

Both our pups are good about not ripping up toys (Sagan used to when he was a puppy), but they both manage to pop the internal squeekers though. I can't tell you how many times I've had to buy a package of squeekers and perform dog toy surgery to replace them!

Eliza said...

Thankfully mums dog isn't into destroying toys..he mothers them instead, and will steal cuddy toys off visiting children if he gets the chance

jazzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jazzy said...

Some years ago my (departed) Greyhound Nikki ate and swallowed nylons. I'll never forget how it looked like when she finally got rid of it the natural way. LOL! Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Please may I borrow it? My neighbour seems to be 'dogsitting' her mother's dog. It was barking when I went to bed last night, during the night, when I woke up, when I went to work AND when I came back from work. In fact, it's STILL barking. I love dogs, but I'm more than ready to strangle this particular one :0(

potzina said...

My dog plays with my old cuddly toys and she likes nibbling them and spitting out sticky pieces on the ground (especially when I have just done the housework). :o

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