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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

All Wild Hair and Stubble

When it's on TV (which is often) it gets a 5* rating. Only one part of it gets that from me. Guess which part!

OK, this is part of the part that gets 5* from me...


mauigirl said...

Well, the movie might get a '5', but I'm thinking this 'part' gets a 10! At the very least.
Thanks for posting this, I often forget how yummy he was in this film.

Jean said...

simply a stallion! *horse sounds, nighing, braying, whinny, etc*

JoJo said...

I bailed on this after he died. lol But he sure looked gorgeous!

Ruby said...

Maybe a 13, Maui?? He WAS gorgeous in this (well, always)! Thanks for the amazing caps, Val!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm on my own here, but I really LIKE this movie...apart from when'takes a nap' in a puddle...and the fact that Greta ends up with the person who PUT him in the puddle, and that person should have died horribly!

potzina said...

I love this movie. I like Tim Robbins as an actor and Vincent's character is adorable. One of my favorite VDO movie.
Nice caps, Val.

SnarkAngel said...

The man definitely knows how to fill out a pair of jeans!!!

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