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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Two Degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio?

I did a degree of closeness to Vincent once before. I can't remember who I used or how close I got. As I don't label posts, I can't even find it! But thanks to Nantz's endeavours to find people's proximity to our man, an option popped into my brain today. It takes me to within two degrees of Vincent (one degree if you count just seeing someone on stage).

2. Miriam Margolyes is a veteran character actor whose performances have been known to me all my life, and who is now known worldwide thanks to Harry Potter.

A few years ago I was at the Family Records Centre (before the last government decided to close this busy facility down) when Ms Margolyes walked past me. I was surprised and shocked, and said out loud, "Miriam Margolyes!" She turned and said, "Yes?" and I apologised.

1. When I was at school, we were taken to the theatre to see John Webster's Jacobean revenge tragedy The White Devil. Miriam Margolyes was in it with Edward Woodward.

0. Of course we all know that Vincent appeared twice with Mr Woodward in The Equaliser. SO there we are, in two degrees of Vincent D'Onofrio.

Let's face it, when we count two people who are in the same movie, they won't always have met during the filming, but they are allowed as a degree of proximity. So if you allow me Edward Woodward as my "contact" because I saw him on stage, that brings me to one degree of Vincent D'Onofrio!


JoJo said...

That's awesome Val! So that makes me 2 degrees from Vincent b/c I know you, right?

Eliza said...

I was going to say what jojo said..but then I guess technically we're one degree from Vincent because we know Di too :-)

Anonymous said...

...and I won't mention I was 'one degree' in a hug with the object of our affection ;0)

val said...

Why on earth didn't I think of that!

I'm getting really dumb in my old age.

BTW, I've noticed recently that people are referring to comments I haven't received in my Inbox, but that have been published on the blog. All things Yahoo are being really weird these days.

Anonymous said...

You definitely were a "3" but I'd give you a "2" with Edward Woodward because you were in the same venue as him.

SnarkAngel said...

I had dinner in a Toronto restaurant once where Greta was also dining. Her table was practically (but not quite) in ear shot. LOL.

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