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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I share Bobby's disgust.


Diane said...

AH! The episode where I FINALLY discovered his name was Detective Goren. I'd been watching for weeks, and no one ever seemed to address him by name :0)

Eliza said...

This is one of my favourite episodes, as much as I hate the storyline. I think it was this episode that really got me hooked on Bobby

Jean said...

ah, heavens, the plaid shirt!!! i love it when his face is all squooshed up!!!! great collection, val!

Beverly said...

Jean, I so agree, I'm mad for the plaid! Love the arch eyebrow too.

SnarkAngel said...

The actor who played the perp REALLY made me hate his guts! LOL! Great episode, and a plaid Bobby is a very hot Bobby!

potzina said...

Picture # 2 is for me! He's so sexy!

JoJo said...

Yes this one was always one of the most disturbing episodes. It was just on the other day, when I was snowed in. I loved him in this one though, his compassion for the girl and rage at the perp was palpable.

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