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Monday, November 22, 2010


Miranda Hart is a large ungainly actress who has her own TV comedy show. She confides embarrassing stuff to the camera. She has a beautiful mother who despairs of her, and is always trying to marry her off. She tries desperately to fit in with her posh ex-school friends, but is always humiliated. And she has a great line in slapstick. I don't usually like seeing people fall over as a comic stunt, but Miranda does it incredibly well. Makes me laugh every time. I hope she appeals to you, too.


Anonymous said...

LOL, now that's funny. A British comedy show I get a kick out of is "Keeping Up Appearances"...Patricia Routledge is a gem.

potzina said...

LMAO! It's such bad taste, I only can love it! :)

judith said...

I think she's great. I liked the sketch she did where her dress got stuck in the Taxi door. I laughed everytime they showed it.

mauigirl said...

Hahahaha, this is priceless! Is this show on in the States, maybe on BBCA? I will have to try and find it. Thanks for posting this Val, isn't it crazy how in 5 seconds you can tell you're going to love something?

SnarkAngel said...

Hilarious! Reminded me of the episode of Absolutely Fabulous in which Patsy Stone stumbled into an open grave.

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