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Thursday, October 09, 2008

I performed my duty

Yes, The Gift has been duly capped, at great personal expense. You know how much I hate watching episodes of the show.

Out, damned lightbulb.

"Do I look cute like this?"

Smile, you're on camera.

A treat for you hand fetishists.

There's another one of those little curls...

I want him crouching in my bedroom. Not to examine a nightlight though.


No comment.

This crouching has got to STOP! It gets my imagination working overtime :)

Even less comment.

OK, OK, so I'm a hand fetishist too.

Do you think they make his suit sleeves too tight on purpose?

You don't have to sit on a table, Bobby. Come here and sit on my bed.

Oh, good lord, every one more handsome than the last.
What's a girl (or boy, Snarkangel) to do?

I don't even like stubble. Except on this hunk.

Sympathy? Empathy? His reaction was more affecting than the mother's, that's for sure.

Wide-eyed and wonderful.


SnarkAngel said...

Ahhhhhh ... his stubble. I LOVE it ... on him. Or off him. If he shaved it off for me I'd be tempted to sprinkle it on my morning cereal. LOL

jazzy said...

just one word: THIGHS

Music Wench said...

I hate stubble but love it on him. I love everything on him. I even learn to like facial hair on him and I don't generally like facial hair on men.


Thank you for sacrificing and bringing us this post. :-)

Eliza said...

I hope you know just how much your sacrifice is appreciated!! Just the picture of him with stubble would have been enough,all the others are a bonus :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a card-carrying Hand Fetishist...Foot fetishist, Python fetishist... no wonder my purse is so heavy ;0)

silly for Vincent said...

Stubble...hands..eyes..ahem...other things;) is not possible not to love everything on Vincent!!!
Really Val you are a hand fetish like me!?!?;)Good for you!!
Vincent is one BIGGG BOY,so it is very hard for him to find rigth firthing clothes!!I would prefer tigther clothes...DUHHH!!;))

JoJo said...

Oh that stubble pictures is to DIE for!!!!!!!

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