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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gemini's a Gem

Bobby astride me holding my head - yessss!

"Do you think Marilyn Monroe would have liked me?"

The profiler in profile.

"So I weighed them in my hands and jiggled them about a bit."

The shoulders or the hands - mmm, tough choice.


"Shhh! I'm concentrating."

"I'm not TRYING to be gorgeous, just succeeding."

No, it's not fair, this time I have to suck that delicious digit.

The camera just loves Bobby striding. Etc.


"Who, me?"

Those lips were made for kissing.

That thumb was made for sucking.

We all know Monty Python, so if we name THE Python "Monty", do you think we could get Vincent to do "The Full Monty"?


Tricia972 said...

Hi everyone
I'm Tricia and I'm new. I have a question about the DVD of Guy. I found it for region 2 and it says it's in English but it has Danish, Finnish and Norwegian subtitles. Does anyone else have this copy? Do you know if you can competely take out the subtitles? I need to know before I buy it, I don't want the subtitles interfering with the sex sceens :)

val said...

Hi Trisha. Welcome to the mad V-world. I have this dvd and I cannot get the subtitles off. Diane bought one which may or may not be the same and I think she managed to get it subtitle free.

If you are in Europe, or can play Region 2 dvds, I can burn you a copy - it was on over here earlier in the year and I recorded it.

val said...

Oops, sorry, Tricia, I used to work for a Trisha (hawk, spit) and I got used to spelling it that way.

JoJo said...

Good one Val, The Full Monty. You are en fuego these days with your captions and interviews. Girl you crack me up so much. And I desperately need to laugh these days!!! :D

JoJo said...

PS Hi Tricia!!!

judith said...

hi.tricia, welcome to the world of vincent d'onofrio.

silly for Vincent said...

Hi Tricia,and welcome to crazy women for VDO club!!
Val you are always such full of fum!!;)
I would suck Bobby whole,like a tornado!!;))

Tricia972 said...

Hi Val, JoJo, and Judith

Thanks for the welcome!
Thank you for the offer Val, unfortunately, I'm in the USA :(. I live a few minutes from Disney World. Anyway, Guy isn't available at all in region 1 so I asked for a multi region DVD player for my birthday JUST so I could buy a copy on Ebay. My obsession is SAD, isn't it?! The only thing I can say is MY GOD that man is gorgeous!!! I can't get enough! Does anyone know where I can get a copy without subtitles? Or can you tell me if the subtitles get in the way of anything important?

Tricia972 said...

Hi Silly for Vincent


Tricia972 said...

Hi again Val

I went back and read your post again and I'm sorry I misunderstood (my mind must have been on those pictures on Vince). I thought you were saying you could make me a copy ONLY if I was in Europe. If you would be willing to mail it to the US, please let me know. I'm happy to pay for postage and any materials needed.
Thank you

Tricia972 said...

OOPS, pictures OF Vince, not on Vince, where is my mind!!!

vinceobessed said...

The subtitles don't show up unless you want them too. Get the movie it's worth the money and it's damn near impossible to find in the states. I looked for my copy for 2 years before I finally found it and had to pay $60.00 for it. I wish I had a to burn you copy, but My computer's not that high tec. Hope you love scene 9 is the great scene, I just wished it lasted longer.

Tricia972 said...

Hi vinceobessed

Thanks for the advice, you're right, I should buy it. Scene 9 huh? Is that the hot scene that's on Youtube? Oh I'm DEFINITELY buying it!!! :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

That "who me" photo is a WINNER!

But your caption on the first photo ... ahahahahaha! Love it.

He does have the sweetest wittle nose.

Eliza said...

That picture of his index finger has done funny things again :-D

Hi Tricia,btw...if Val can't burn you a copy she'll know someone who can :-D

Anonymous said...

Welcome Tricia and newsflash! You're not 'sad' at all ;0)
If you buy the Region 2 version of 'Guy', you should be able to turn off the subtitles from your DVD menu. I about died when I first played my copy, because it had all this Danish stuff at the bottom of the screen - apologies to any Danes reading this, I'm sure your language is wonderful, I just don't want it on 'my' Vincent! - but I hit a few buttons, my DVD player took me to places I didn't know existed, and I was able to turn them off....unlike 'Guy' which turned me on of course ;0)

The camera isn't the only thing that likes Vincent 'striding'

judith said...

it's "Hotel Paradise" that he's in the tub not "Guy"

jazzy said...

can you imagine Bobby in a tub? aaaaah shit, i would pay taxes for his body in a tub!

SnarkAngel said...

Tricia, I think I can burn you a U.S. copy. I think my copy is region 1, but I will have to check. At least I can try. And you are NOT the only one who went out and bought a multi-regional machine JUST TO WATCH VINCENT FILMS! LOL! I bought a DVD/VHS multi-regional (actually, it is only Europe and Asia, not U.S.) that plays and records, mainly so I could watch Hotel Paradise and a copy of "The Taking of Pelham, One, Two, Three" that I could not find in region 1.

And Val, I would give ANYTHING for Vincent do give us THE FULL MONTY.

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