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Monday, October 06, 2008

New Interview with Vincent D'Onofrio

After my fainting episode during the last interview, and the fading out of the interesting bit at the end, I have made another attempt to ask Mr D'Onofrio another revealing question or two.

Val: Vincent, you have been involved in quite a few kissing scenes in your filming career. Do you enjoy kissing?

Vincent: Well, Val, I am a red-blooded man, after all. But it is work, you know. There are dozens of people present, and you have to do a lot of retakes.

Val: Lots of retakes, eh? Mmm. Do you think any of your kissing partners ever messed up just to get another take?

Vincent: (rich, throaty, hearty laugh) I guess that's possible. I might even have done that myself once in a while.

Val: You've even done some pretty enthusiastic-looking kissing with men on screen. As a straight guy, how did you find that?

Vincent: It's all part of the job. Were the boy kisses hot?

Val: You have no idea! Are you aware that, in addition to an absolutely amazing tongue, you have the most kissable lips in the known universe?

Vincent: Well, it's very kind of you to say so. Would you like to try them out?

Val: Well, like you say, it's all part of the job. The things I have to do in the name of research! This may involve quite a lot of retakes.

(Sound fades as kissing noises permeate the room.)


Lozzie Cap said...


SnarkAngel said...


JoJo said...

speechless now.

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol ... I'm so glad you're out there doing all the dirty work. ;)

I'm still not comfy with the boy kisses...altho I look, kind of ... :D

jazzy said...


vinceobessed said...

I never realized how pointy his tongue is. Thanks Val I'll have sweet dreams tonight!!! Maybe next interview you could ask him what it's like doing a love scene. (You know in the name of research)

Goddessdster said...

Personally, I think the boy kisses are his hottest. Thank you so much for the lovely close-ups, Val. You are made of all the awesome in the world today. There is none left for anyone else.

Axe said... tongue itches profusely all of a sudden, not to mention my other.....well, you get the picture ;-)

Eliza said...

I'm pretty sure I'd mess up too..but the thing would be judging how many times you could mess up before people got suspicious LOL

Have to say I think his boy kisses are some of his hottest....

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Vincent said he was thinking about his high school girlfriend ;0)

I'm STILL jealous of a guy called 'Gary' (not his real name)

silly for Vincent said... crazy girl Val!!1:)));)))

ann said...

your post has turned me into a quivering jelly...

Tess said...

No words...Just drooling!

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