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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Better Late Than Never

On my way back from the zoo (see post below) I realised - at 5.30, while waiting for the train - that I had a local meeting to attend at 6.30.

I did a flying visit home, then arrived at the meeting for refreshments :) But I didn't get back home for good till after 9.30. Tonight's post should be The Gift, but it's another episode I have not capped. The mother really annoys me, and I just want to give her a good slap. Bobby's too nice to her.

So as not to disappoint my public, I'll just nip across to Photobucket and choose some piccies to share.

And Tricia, if you want to get in touch with Snarkangel about getting a copy of Guy, I have ways of putting you in touch. Just leave a comment and I will let you in on my secret.

Ah, the irresistible Olee.

Not many actors of his generation could convince as football players.

Even fewer could pass for blind.

Fewer still could throw the furniture out of the window.

No others could tempt us with such a view.

Only he could offer such a cute butt view.

Who else has such a superb set of hands?

Only Vincent.

Don't sulk now, sweetheart. We love you very much.

We want to kiss your sweet little nose.

Don't laugh. It's true.

You are perfect.

Even from the back.

Yes, definitely from the back...

The torso we would die to embrace.

We love you Olee.


Music Wench said...

Haven't seen most of these. Thanks for posting! He's always just so deliciously handsome. :)

SnarkAngel said...

Wonderful piccies, Val! I love this character -- he can turn me on and make me laugh at the same time!

Tricia972 said...

Hi All

Thanks again for the welcome. Diane, thanks for not thinking I'm sad ;) It's nice to know there's alot of us. Eliza, I agree about the picture with the index finger!!
SnarkAngel, I would be FOREVER GRATEFUL if you would burn me a copy of Guy!! Also, would you be willing to burn a copy of Hotel Paradise? I couldn't find that one either. I'm happy to send money for whatever you need :)
Val, I wasn't sure if we are allowed to put our email addresses on here and I didn't want to break your rules. Let me know how to get in touch with SnarkAngel or you can give her my email address. Thanks to you both!


BASRIC said...

From the back...sigh what a man. He is beautiful Excellent choice of pixz

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this movie, it's a perfect antidote to a crap day...or a good one for that matter ;0)

Tricia, trust me, the 'sad' ones are those strange creatures who either don't know Vincent exists or are immune to his innumerable charms!

SnarkAngel said...

Hi Tricia. I would be happy to burn you a copy of Hotel Paradise, but I have to check and see what region it is first (can't remember if I have a region 1 or not). You can click on my identity here and my blog identity page has a link to my MySpace page. You can reach me there if you have a MySpace acct.! By the way, just FYI, I am a "he," not a she. I think I'm the only "he" here! LOL

Tricia972 said...

Hi SnarkAngel

I am SO SORRY! I just assumed you were a she, and I know better, again sorry :( Hey Vincent is friggin' BEAUTIFUL no matter what gender you are!
I clicked on your profile but I have no idea how to get in touch with you, I don't have myspace, sorry my computer skills are lacking badly. But just add an AOL.COM to my identity and email me.
Thank you!!

JoJo said...

Love love love this movie. It's my fave Vincent flick.

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