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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

It was nearly 9 o'clock when I woke up this morning to find it was a glorious sunny day. "Oh goody," I thought, "I'll go to the zoo."

I have a few pictures I'll share tomorrow, but a couple of other things happened that I couldn't photograph.

Firstly, in the queue at the snack bar, I realised that the woman behind me looked familiar. I was sure she was an actress, but couldn't quite place her. We were chatting about the fact that the queue was slow, and the woman whose son took some drinking straws out of the dispenser was bonkers to think it appropriate to put them back in.

I told her I was having a repeat experience of when the actress mother whose son I used to teach came to a parents' evening, and mentioned the actress's name. The woman told me she was in Bluebell, and the penny dropped. It was a very good serialised story shown quite a few years ago about a girl who wanted to be a hoofer, and joined the Bluebell Girls. She has been in quite a lot of stuff in the years since then.

I was even able to remember her name, which I think pleased her.

Here's Carolyn Pickles, a very nice woman whose neighbour needed some TLC, so she took her to the zoo.

Meanwhile, back at the lion enclosure, the handsome beast had a few bouts of roaring audible across much of the zoo. Up close it was spine tingling, reaching down into the deepest reaches of ones being to the most primal levels of the soul.


SnarkAngel said...

Ahhhh ... pickles and lions! Sounds like fun to me!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else in the UK watching 'Big Cat Diary Live' this week? I'm glad I missed the Marsh Pride of lions getting that baby elephant, although I did catch the trailer of them munching on it *sniffles* I know, everything has to eat to live and the roast beef on my plate on Sunday didn't commit suicide...

val said...

I'd love to watch it, Diane, but I can't bear to see them kill things. I understand from catching the end of last night's show that 2 of the cheetah cubs have gone. Boohoo!

jazzy said...

she (carolyn) looks exactely like the girl from 'vacancy' SO 5!

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