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Saturday, October 11, 2008


That's the title of this episode according to the jacket of Season 3.

It would appear that I didn't finish capping this episode either. I think I went through a phase of not having enough time to finish an episode, and it seems that I never remembered which ones, so I didn't return to them.

"I am going to have to discipline you severely for this oversight, Val."

"You see what you missed by not working Vice?"

Ooh, the long-legged stomp.

Perfect eyebrows without the plucking.

Bishop didn't enjoy this. Diddums.


Music Wench said...

Bishop didn't enjoy a lot of stuff. Which is fine as I didn't enjoy her one bit. Besides, Bobby didn't like her so neither did I. LOL

Bobby, on the other hand, was great and I enjoyed every moment of this one. Even in the most awful episodes I still love looking at him. :)

SnarkAngel said...

Poor Bishop. She was doomed from the beginning. Being a temporary "fill-in" for such a perfect partner as Eames couldn't have been easy. But she did contribute her own special brand of "comedic relief" moments ... it was interesting to watch someone, unacustomed to Goren's methods, react to his unusual investigative techniques.

JoJo said...

"Diddums" LOL!!!!!!!

Eliza said...

'Pravada' or 'Pravda' doesn't really was a good episode with Bobby coping very well with Eames replacement (better than I did anyway,I hated her)

vinceobessed said...

Val, you better watch it on not capping, Vincent may get upset and come play with me.

silly for Vincent said...

Bobby will come and spank you Val,if you missbehaif!!!;))Then I will spank him,for spanking you!!;)

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