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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Better Late Than Never

That could have been Claire Bloom's character's motto. It should have been "Better Never".

Bobby the Ballerina.

"'Scuse me, what did you call me?"

No, there are far more than TEN things we love about you!

"Is this one of them?" Oh, yes!

"My lips are another?" You'd better believe it.

"How about this thumb?" And the other one.

"Not my tongue, surely?" It's pretty near the top of the list.

"My eyes? My stubble? My nose? My shoulders?"

"What about my back?" All those things and more, sweetheart.

Don't look so puzzled. You must have guessed by now.

Actually, yes, the middle finger counts all by itself.

And let us not forget the little dance.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the world's tallest, most gorgeous 'ballerina' (with handcuffs)

Music Wench said...

Loved this episode. Loved dancing Bobby. Gosh I want to see happy Bobby again soon. *sigh*

Lozzie Cap said...

Val - this is so perfect. I love it! I adore the Dance of the Merry Widow, but what makes it even better - and what is so perfectly shown in your screen caps - is Kathryn Erbe's expression. Kind of like, "He's doing it again. Trying to get me to laugh on camera. But I'm not going to. I'm a professional with decades of experience. I AM NOT GOING TO LAUGH. Please, God - someone shout 'Cut!' soon ..."

silly for Vincent said...

Just ten things Bobby???WE love everything on you!!!;)))Especial your little dances...AAAAAA...EEEHHH!!!

Tess said...

So much to love about this episode, and you captured all of it Val! Thank you :)

ann said...

the pics are cute alone, but your captions add that something special to them...

SnarkAngel said...

He can be MY dance partner ANY time!

fuzzytweetie said...

I love your humor.........but I love a ballerina with cuffs more!!!! :)

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