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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two Days of Fun and Games

For the next two days, the school is closed and we have staff training. Thursday will be spent here (it was supposed to be residential, but funds are short). This is Devonport House, on the edge of Greenwich Park.

On Friday we go by coach to Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent, where there are "team-building" activities.

Some people will be "going ape" on the assault course, with things like abseiling from heights I would not even like to go up to in a lift. Others will be mountain biking.

I was supposed to go for a walk, but I now find I can try out archery. Can I do it without catching my prize size boobs in the bow?

Afterwards we are said to be going to Finchcocks for lunch.
This is a museum of musical instruments, but I can find no mention of a restaurant. On the other hand they cater for weddings, so maybe we will have the grand experience we are all hoping for.


judith said...

have a nice time. some schools were sending their staff abroad for training but i like yours best.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 'Team Building' exercises. I went on one of those once. I have the strangest memory of wandering around a school playground roped to other members of my team, with planks of wood strapped to our feet....I can't exactly remember WHY tho' now!

SnarkAngel said...

Can't wait to get your "after" report. Heh-heh.

Music Wench said...

Love the photos from 'before.' Really want to see the 'after.' :)

Have fun!

JoJo said...

The photos are beautiful. Hope you had a great time!

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