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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have Strayed

A impossible episode to choose small numbers of pictures from. Lots of hands, groin and even butt. How could I short-change you?

"If I stay like this long enough, someone will fall in love with me."
Too late, Bobby.

Can't see it, but we know it's there.

Allow me to smooth your jacket across your back for you.

Look at the size of that thumb!

I'm not kidding - I've seen erect penises smaller than that thumb.

A hint, I do declare.


"Hey, Val's blog is a bit near the knuckle."
As long as it's one of YOUR knuckles, honey.

The thought of Big Bobby having to stretch up to reach something
makes my hormones zing!

Size 13s, thighs and calves. Yessss!

Striding Bobby, bobbing python.

"I swear it's only this big."

A bit more evidence for the file. Thank you, breeze.

Oh, please!

Can I nuzzle into your back now?

"If I point over there they may not look down and see..."

"If I point my gun and hold out my badge, they may not look down and see..."

What's your favourite thing to look at in this picture?

I might just have to launch myself at you and ravish you on the spot.

First Carver checks out his butt...

...then the cameraman, on our behalf...

...and finally Bishop has a peek.

I prefer these dress blues to the ones in Amends. I wonder why the difference?


silly for Vincent said...

I think this uniform is more down to erath,and darkish devolish Val!!
I noticed when I watched the second time,the epi. with Bishop;that she was constantly stealing momoents to checking out his peach butt!!;)))
Well Val Vincent's...caugth,caugth...python is big as the owner!!So that means-NO HIDING IT...sorry Vincent,that is just not possible!!;)))

SnarkAngel said...

Those dress blues do it for me EVERY TIME!!!!! Now excuse me, while Gunga Dean and I head to Target so I can stock up on MORE BOUNTY paper towels, which I have run out of thanks to our dear "Bobbby," courtesy of Val!

Tess said...

See, this is why Stray is one of my all time Favorite episodes!

Anonymous said...

He's simply the best, better than ALL the rest ;0)

JoJo said...

I wish we'd gotten more of him in the dress blues. Yum.

Music Wench said...

I like these dress blues better, too.

But I like Bobby in uniform no matter what. :-)

jazzy said...

the best captions ever!

fanz said...

First, thanks Val for allowing us to comment in a separate window to the blog.

Second, WooHoo, another great post.

Thirdly, Vincent has a another nice stretching-up-to-reach in S4:Inert Dwarf. He puts his folder on top of a cupboard.

Goddessdster said...

I'm not kidding - I've seen erect penises smaller than that thumb.

I just spit my gum out on my keyboard!
You are my Queen of the Day, Val!

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