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Saturday, October 04, 2008

VERY Interesting Person

Blond Hair Alert

But only in a few pictures, and NO other sightings, I promise.

Nearly a python sighting.

I only left this one in because when he got up from kneeling down,
Don't they clean the floor on these sets? Poor Bobby's nice suit!

Hi, honey, I'm back!

"Oh, my, look at this detective's groin!"

You can see his lashes from 10 paces!

Hottest ever shades pic?

Had to unfocus the thumb, it's too sensational for sensitive ladies' eyes.

If you need a caption for this picture, YOU ARE NOT BREATHING!

Poor unhappy Bobby needs me to cuddle him. Now.

Action Man.
Can I have one in my Christmas stocking, please?


Did he ever look more perfect than this?

Just look at that manly chiselled chin.

The perfect profile.

Give me a tranquilliser now!

He's not fooled.

Ooh, snarl at me, Bobby!

Or you could smile at me...

...or even just look at me. The effect would be the same.
Molten Val.

"OK, I give up, Val, take me."


Music Wench said...

Thanks for the great photos and thanks for only glimpses of blond skank. LOL Loved that shot of him with the sunglasses!

silly for Vincent said...

The blond witch...EEEKKK..WATCH OUT Bobby!!
Perfcet face...perfect body...BRAVE HART..sweet personality...BIG BRAIN..WHAT ELSE CAN I ASK FOR???!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking there was dirt on the floor of the set because it was supposed to be like a real house, and I guess the owner didn't have a chance to clean.

My favorites are the open-neck ones.

jazzy said...

i would love to lie on the dusty floor, as long as vince was beside me. or on. or under.

Tess said...

Bobby...Beauty. Nicole...Beast.

SnarkAngel said...

All I can say is *THUD*!!! Damn!

Anonymous said...

I just just adore those lovely little laughter lines around his eyes. Now there is a man (oh YES!) comfortable in his own skin. WOOF!

JoJo said...

These are amongst your best caps yet, Val. You really captured all of his wildly changing emotions in this episode.

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