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Friday, October 03, 2008

Food for thought

A thought occurred to me when I was thinking about the latest Great Skanky interview. She said they were to get married, she walked away twice, he begged her to return. Then he dumped her.

Could it be that she was toying with him, he had enough, and decided to protect himself for the future? In which case, she has only herself to blame, but she cannot "take it" and is trying to place the blame with him.

Fuzzytweetie has been to one of the message boards and discovered what we have all had to undergo before - they only want to slag Vincent off for everything from his weight to the price of bread. Bit like GS really.

She also has an interesting take on the DNA problems we were left with at the end of Frame.

You can find her blog here:


SnarkAngel said...

From what little I HAVE read about their shack-up, it sounded like a mad parallel to their characters in "Salt on our Skin." Life imitating art? She thought she was too good for him, but then realized how much she loved him when it was too late? Hmmmmmmm...

BASRIC said...

I read his first wife's interview, too...after so many years she still has a lot of bitterness built up and if I remember all those years ago correctly the twit had a rep of sleeping with her costars.

She said he was insecure...all actors are insecure but he didn't come back to America and marry a first cousin--illegal here in the US in most states due to that inbred problem screwing with your kids DNA.

I'm tired of her taking little pot shot at him every time she is interviewed.

Vincent, most of us stand with you and please ignore the dribble from her mouth. This is why I avoid the Boards and just browse and enjoy those sights dedicated to him and free from trolls.

And for the record Vincent didn't just leave..he tried to get custody of his baby daughter.

jazzy said...

scacchi is a persona-non-greta -- err sorry, i meant persona-non-grata.

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to know how someone who claimed in March she had 'NEVER MARRIED' because she 'didn't believe in it' by September had become the first Mrs D'Onofrio and was currently Mrs Carlo whateverhisnameis. The Great Skanky should remember that a good liar remembers their lies for 'continuity'purposes. What happened between them is THEIR business, and respect to Vincent for holding his peace on the subject despite YEARS of provocation from the silly bitch.

val said...

Jazzy, I still can't believe you are not a native English speaker. That was a really clever pun

jazzy said...

Thanks so much for that Val; you'll never know how much that means to me.

SnarkAngel said...

Jazzy! I love you! XOXO

jazzy said...

love you, too, snark

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