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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's been a while since I watched Endgame. It was on Hallmark last night and I BAWLED! I wanted to hug my poor unhappy Bobby and tell him everything was all right.

Which it isn't. Still. ONE TORTURING YEAR ON.

I'm sorry all the pictures are sad, but that's the mood the episode put me into. Let's face it, there are not many laughs in Endgame.


Ginie1357 said...

He is so cute in Endgame!!
And Val you are not the only who want to hug and recomfort him when you see this episode... and all the 7th season!

judith said...

sad ep. but a good one. vincent at his best i think.

SnarkAngel said...

I love all the convincing facial expressions Vincent used in this episode. Unforgettable.

JoJo said...

Can someone PUH-LEEZE tell me why his intense performance in this went un-noticed by the Emmy committee????

jazzy said...

great caps of a great episode!
his tiny nose is... well... tiny. lol
tiny and sexy.

BASRIC said...

The episode IS sad. God is this man an actor or what. Even sad and miserable he is gorgeous.

Lozzie Cap said...

I missed this on Hallmark and so watched it today for the first time on a copy of a digital d/l, on my computer, playing through my TV.

The sound was TERRIBLE. The incidental music was so overpowering at certain points that I literally couldn't follow what Goren was saying, and I couldn't hear Eames in the teaser, either.

Was the whole episode like this for everyone else or do I just have a weird copy on my computer? I was really really disappointed, after everything I had heard about this episode. It spoiled it for me totally.

judith said...

the incidental music drives me silly to. a lot of the episodes are like that and it is hard to hear vincent at times.

Eliza said...

When he's in his mum's room at the end....:-(

A wonderful episode from start to finish..I think I'll have to watch it again

Tess said...

It was a gut wrenching episode...And Vincent was simply Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I started watching Hallmark's version last night - sadly, I was interrupted before it ended, so have to finish up tonight *wails* - and I didn't think the incidental music was QUITE so overpowering at the beginning, BUT it's still WAY too loud and completely drowns out plot points in dialogue. Whoever 'mixed' it needs their arse kicking!

I don't watch this too often for the simple reason that is IS so powerful. I get upset even when Wally asks him if he's alright, and he says he's fine, when we all know he's not *wails some more*

silly fro Vincent said...

They didn't gave him a Emmy for this!!!WTF!!Stupid people!!
I cryed my hart out,when I saw this epi. for the first time!!!OYYY..POOR SWEET ADORABLE Bobby...he dosen't deserve such pain!!!
I wanted to jump,and hug Bobby tigth and kiss all over;and say that it gonna be o'rigth,and I'm her for him,as long he needs me!!!!!!!

SnarkAngel said...

The times I have watched it on television, here in Chicago, I've never had a problem hearing any of it. I also recorded it off TV onto DVD, and that seems to be clear, as well. The music is there, but it doesn't drown out the dialogue.

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