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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Favourite Fruit

I think I'm a bit late to take his cherry! But the low humour continues.
"Hey! I can see up Val's skirt from here!"

"You should see the suggestive comment Val's written here."

"Open Sesame! Oh look - a bed to throw Val on to."

"I married someone else - I must have a screw loose!"

"Oops! Caught with my pants down!"

"I think I need to get inside." No-one's going to stop you, Bobby.

"Did I wash my hands after I went to the toilet?"

"Somehow I don't think Val's going to jump out of this box for my birthday.
Out of a crate maybe?"


judith said...

really good val. i love the comments you make above each picture.

SnarkAngel said...

"I think I need to get inside ... your ... cherry red, Val." Of course, that's what he REALLY meant to say. Hee.

JoJo said...

Val you are soooooo funny. ;P

jazzy said...

Caught with his pants down... and none took a photo of it?!?
*crying hard*

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol...oh yes, he needs to get inside.

I love that photo of him in the bedroom door, such a cute and goofy look on his face! He's adorable!

He's my hump boy tomorrow...just giving you a reminder ... and it's one of your photos ;)

Anonymous said...

...and I doubt any of us would tell him he had to get out now either ;0)

silly for Vincent said...

Val you are hilarous!!;)))

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