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Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Interview with Vincent D'Onofrio

This interview took place in my bed - or in my head - or both - last night. It is hereby transcribed from the tape. Please do NOT ask for copies of the original soundtrack. Refusal often offends.

Val: Good evening, Mr D'Onofrio - or may I call you Vincent?
VDO: As long as I can call you Val.
Val: You can call me anytime... Er, sorry. Would it surprise you to learn, Vincent, that in VDO blogland there is fierce speculation about your python - that your endowment.
VDO: You mean..?
Val: How well you are endowed.
VDO: Well, you can check out for yourself Val, here, have a look.
(Sound of zip, rummaging in clothes, loud thud.)
VDO: Val, are you OK?
Val: Huh? What am I doing on the floor? Did I - faint?
VDO: When you looked at this, yeah.
(Sound of moan, thud. Slapping sound.)
VDO: Val, Val. (Sound of zip.) It's safe to wake up now.
Val: Right, sorry. Er. OK. How do you feel about the fact that you are widely regarded, not just as a remarkably fine actor, but as an Alpha Male and superhot sex god?
VDO: Well, what man wouldn't be flattered? I mean, the sex symbol thing is great, but you appreciate my acting, too? Wow! That deserves a reward. Switch off the tape recorder and let's liberate the python again.


vinceobessed said...

WHY WEREN'T WE INVITED!!! I have to admit I have many of those dreams myself, and if you need any help liberating the python feel free to call. I have a strong feeling it's a two woman job.(or three,or four, I'm sure there's more than enough to go around)

Lozzie Cap said...


Ginie1357 said...

Now I understand where he was last night .... He make the promise to never see you again after the last time its arrived!! I'm so disappointed!!! And YES it's makes me the same effect the first time I saw the python!!! lol

I'm ask myself if VDO can just imagine that we talk like that of him??!! I think he could be hallucinate... and a little scarried of all the Vixens can say!!!lol

jazzy said...

Haahaha priceless post.
i hope NOT to faint because of the python sight; fainting would ruin all of my plans.

of course he is a great actor, actually i don't think of NOTHING else. ahemm - really!

SnarkAngel said...

Okay ... we know you fainted when you SAW the python ... now what happened when you actually FELT it!?!? LOL

silly for Vincent said...

Val did you hurt your pretty little head,when you thudded???Maybe Vincent can kiss it better!!??;)))

Eliza said...

Thankfully I'm alone right now..saves having to explain why I was laughing like a drain :-D

I hope you enjoyed liberating the python..but next time,send him here as I have some very probing questions to ask him too!!

mauigirl said...

Oh Val, you lucky, lucky girl.
Can you do this for all of us? We (or you) pick the flick/CI ep, and you choose the pix/dialogue? In your spare time, of course.

Kimberly said...


What an imagination!

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL! Wasn't the poor man handcuffed in this scene?

The stories that go on in your head...LOL!!

fuzzytweetie said...

All I can say is.........DAMN!!! You lucky, lucky Bich!!
Can you ESP me some of your other "interviews" with our guy?!?!
Hope you're not to bruised from fainting........LMFAO

Tess said...

Val....You are Priceless!

JoJo said...

I thought the "thud" sound when he unzipped was his python hitting the floor!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Priceless - before you pass out 'next time' take a picture and cop a feel!!!!

Ash Rai said...

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