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Monday, September 29, 2008

Legionnaires' Disease

In this episode we offer you:

Woolly hat with eyelashes.

The Suggestive Squat.
(Well it suggests plenty to me!)

Bopping Bobby.

Amazed and delighted Bobby.

More Rhythm and Coos.

Bobby's reaction to Eames farting.

Bobby playing the innocent when HE farts.

The headache brought on by the smelly gas.

Playing the clown - "Fart? Me? Never been known!"

Yes, this was a very windy episode.


judith said...

i needed cheering up and your caps and comments did the trick. thankyou.

Anonymous said...

I thought the title referred to yet another blonde of our nightmares ;0)

Lovely caps Val, made me unclench my teeth for the first time today!

Eliza said...

I'm much too old to find all the fart references funny...but I did ::blush::

Lovely pictures,Val..just what I needed to take to bed :-D

Lozzie Cap said...

I have it on good authority that Robert Goren never farts. It is always the guest (or should I say 'gust'?) stars.

Bopping Bobby turns me on to a quite ridiculous and totally unreasonable degree.

Tess said...

He's wearing my favorite stocking cap!

silly for Vincent said...

That gantster wooly hat dosen't flatter any man..BUT Vincent CAN LOOK HOT AND SEXY EVEN IN THAT HAT!!
I bet when Bobby farts,woman say:UUU..this smell nice!!;)));)))

jazzy said...

that woolly hat is great because his curly hair is messed up and sexy wild underneath.

SnarkAngel said...

I'll bet his gaseous expulsions smell like lavender ... LOL

silly for Vincent said...

Shark Angel...lavender...mmm...!!
Jazzy I love his curls when they are funny messy!!;)))

JoJo said...

Hmmm, what's with all the farting jokes? Do we have gas today? lol

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