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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We all know what to do with this

I received a newsletter today from USA to remind me about the new episode of a programme called Law and Order Criminal Intent. As the show by that name that I used to watch ended last week, I hit the link at the bottom to unsubscribe. No doubt along with many thousands of other fans of the real show. I thought I'd post this just in case anyone had forgotten, and wants to send a message to USA that we are abandoning their sinking ship in, well, shiploads.

COMING UP ON LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT In this week's brand new episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent... The murder of an NYPD detective brings Nichols and Stevens to a sleepy seaside town, ruled by one of Nichols' old foes - an Irish mob boss with a reputation for eluding justice.Catch "Broad Channel" tonight at 10/9C on USA Network, the only place to find all-new, original episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
Saffron Burrows & Mary Mastrantonio Interviews! - Newcomers Saffron Burrow and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio sat down with us to talk about joining the CI cast. Make sure to check out their interviews for hints on what to expect this season, as well as their insights on the show, their characters, and much more!
Homicide Hotspots Tour - Take a guided tour of the Major Case Squad's most famous crimes around the five boroughs with our Homicide Hotspots Map. We'll test your knowledge of each case's intimate details before opening the Dossier for full disclosure on the case, the history of the locale and inside info on the filming from the Production Crew.
Fan of the Week - Congratulations to Susan G., last week's LOCI Fan of the Week!Are you an encyclopedia of CI knowledge who can recall cases, criminals and quotes at the drop of a hat? Then you may have what it takes to win the honor of LOCI Fan of the Week! Tell us your favorite episode and why you'd make a great candidate for the honor. Include your name and a photo of yourself, and we may feature you on the official site!
Famous Unsolved Crimes - Peer into the case files of these famous unsolved crimes and review the evidence. If you think you can unlock the mystery behind some of the most notable cold cases in history, visit the comment section and post your theories. Let's see if you have what it takes to crack this week's unsolved crime: The Black Dahlia Case.
Guest Star Trivia - There are stars of Criminal Intent and then there are the guest stars. You've seen them dozens of times in many episodes and maybe you've even recognized a few. But you'll have to do better than a "few" if you want to triumph in the Guest Star Trivia quiz!
Watch To Win Sweepstakes - Want a shot at weekly prizes like the latest LOCI merchandise? Watch this week's new episode, go to the website and answer a question from the show for your chance to win!
You are receiving this email (sent on a weekly basis when new episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent are airing and periodically during the rest of the year) because you have subscribed to one of our newsletters, entered one of our sweepstakes, or opted to receive information from USA Network. If you are having trouble reading this newsletter, please visit

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Anonymous said...

I got the same email! And, I did the same as you...I unsubscribed immediately. There is no LO: CI anymore and from the reviews of last night's show the death bell is tolling.

JoJo said...

Fortunately I was never on their email list.

Nantz, did you post reviews from last night's show? I'll have to go check it out! I heard somewhere (might've even been your blog) that Saffron is not getting along w/ Goldblum and may get the boot.

Music Wench said...

I did that when I got my last announcement from USA about the LOCI season premiere. I never want to hear from them about anything ever again.

SnarkAngel said...

I unsubscribed when MusicWench did. One less eMail in my busy in-box.

jazzy said...

I wish my "In box" would be busy with Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Funny that, I also hit the link to unsubscribe...after I'd let off a litany of swear words ;0)

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