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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Do real people behave like this? I wonder.

The detectives study the runners for the next race.

Does Goren enjoy having breasts thrust in his face?
You betcha!

Do I wish I was the hand or the mouth?

Why do so many women get to have him sit on their beds?

Manpower. Man. Power.

Man mountain to climb. Now please.

Det. Goren arrests Camilla for appalling taste in clothes.

That scarf must be really long to wrap so many times round that manly throat.

That hand is the only thing in the world worthy of being put in front of that face.

Bobby at his best:


JoJo said...

Yes, people really do act that way. This episode reminded me of a client's ex. We didn't represent her during her divorces, but we do know all about the issues in the divorce. Both are psychiatrists. The ex-husband was at the home to babysit the kids, and our client's nanny-cam caught him peeing into the milk carton & putting it back in the fridge. The State of WA nearly revoked his license but he got away w/ a slap on the wrist.

fuzzytweetie said...

ugh, jojo!

He does have lovely hands, wrist, arms, neck, face, torso......*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I just adore the cap with the scarf around his neck! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Oh how i love that profile of his. His ears, neck, jawline, all scrumptious. Oh, and that finger that magic finger. And yes just sitting on my bed would never be an option, because this Vixen is ready to pounce just at the sight of him!

bobbybegood1 said...

Does Goren enjoy having breasts thrust in his face? You betcha your ass!!! I JUST WISH THEY WERE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome post Val. Cheers!!

SnarkAngel said...

Oh, Jojo! I laughed as hard at your comment as I did at Val's captions! Which makes this post doubly delicious! So thanks to both of you!

SnarkAngel said...

P.S. Almost forgot ... I doubt there is any "part" of Bobby that could be "shrink"-wrapped.

Eliza said...

jojo, I didn't need to read that at 7am LOL

I bought a scarf like Bobby's a few months ago..just because he always looks so delicious in one..which is strange considering how much we like it when we get 'naked neck' :-)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to bang the psychiatrists heads together!

No offense love, but that particular scarf is my least favourite of the LOCI Bobby-collection. It looks like something a great aunt started knitting for him around 1992 and she finally ran out of wool in 2002, hence there's WAY too much of it, even for someone 6'4" ;0)

Music Wench said...

Makes me wonder if you have to be nuts yourself to be a psychiatrist.

potzina said...

This episode is appalling...The story is just atrocious...
But Bobby is very hot!
Wonderful pics, Val ;o) *Swoon*

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