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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Saint

Anybody here convinced when Stephen Colbert says, "That's right, because I'm brilliant"?

Bobby and Alex are surprised to find that the priest has accidentlly married them.

Bobby discreetly displays his stuff to his new bride.

Bobby shows Deakins the wedding photos.

Then he relives the wedding night.

Bobby examines the bald spot on the back of the valuer's head.

Bobby and Alex plot to sneak away without Deakins noticing.

"Ha! Got you all! We didn't really get married."

Bobby wonders if that lovely red hair is natural.

"Pale and perfect". Yes, Bobby, you are.

Am I the only person who thinks these signatures all look pretty much alike?


JoJo said...

Stephen Colbert really is brilliant. I liked this episode a lot and your caps are fantastic. The woman that played his mom was in "East of Eden" with James Dean.

Anonymous said...

As always some really delicious close ups of Vincent.

bobbybegood1 said...

He's not really all that smart, he's just talented. Does talent = intelligence? Hmmmm. Absolutely, Val, those signatures do resemble each other. I wonder how come I never noticed that before? Cheers Val!!

SnarkAngel said...

LOVED Stephen in this role. Of course, I loved VINCENT waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more!

Eliza said...

As I didn't even know who Stephen Colbert was before this episode, I don't feel qualified to comment..all I know is he's nowhere near as brilliant as Bobby!

potzina said...

That's so funny! I like so much your captions!
I love this epi, Bobby is particulary brilliant in this one... Lovely caps, as always. XDXD

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