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Saturday, September 13, 2008

In my defence

I finally capped Best Defence, but thanks to P-Bucket, I can only load pictures from the computer. Not that they have a vendetta against me over there or anything.

It's not one of my favourite episodes, but my goodness, there are a lot of great hand shots in it.

Does he look perfect in this picture or what?
Have I ever said that before?

Do you think your manicurist could fit me in?
My nails suck compared to yours.

Ah, the towelette thing.

The gizmo.

I'll have double-delicious with lashings of lashes, please.


SnarkAngel said...

Your caption on that last one cracks me up! I just want his nails raking furiously down my naked backside ... manicured or not ...

jazzy said...

Val, when you add images from your computer, try this:
blog, new post, add image, image size LARGE

wonderful caps, love them all!
finger, hands, fingernails...
*taking a trip to dreamland*

judith said...

what a picture you put into my head snarkangel!! thinking about it i would'nt mind some of that!!

Anonymous said...

Now it can be told - I'm the one who nibbles his nails into that perfect shape....I wish! I also wish I was half as graceful in my gestures as he is.

silly for Vincent said...

AAAHHHH...hand porn...YESSS...THANKS SO MUCH Val!!!

Kimberly said...

I have to agree with snarkangel...what a lovely picture for a raining, chilly Sunday!!

::floats off into VDOFantasy-land:::

JoJo said...

Snarkangel - Then we can take the DNA scrapings from under your nails and clone our own Vincent!! Of course by the time cloned Vincent grew up, we'd all be dead.....

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